Innokin Pod System EQ



The Innokin EQ comes with superior Plexus coils. These coils have a resistance of 0.5 ohms, which means they are better at producing vapour than coils with a higher resistance.

One problem with vaping coils below 1ohm (sub-ohming) is that the coil can burn out. So Innokin have designed these coils with a number of features to extend coil life. This includes ultra-fast wicking, rapid heat diffusion and hot spot elimination – all designed to maximise flavour and to increase coil life. In fact, Innokin these Plexus coils life five times longer than equivalent coils, reducing coil replacement costs and saving you money


The whole point of pod systems is that they are easy to use, and the EQ certainly lives up to that. Click 3 times to turn on and once to fire. It’s also easy to fill. Many pod systems come with a plastic bung which can be fiddly to remove, but the EQ has a swivel top to make filling easier.


Most pod systems come with one power setting. Innokin’s gone one step further with the EQ, adding a boost mode which increases power from 13.5 watts to 15 watts. That’s great for vapers who want a bit more throat hit and vapour.


Most pods come with lower battery capacity. The EQ comes with 800 mAh, which is a large battery capacity for a pod system and will offer a longer battery life than other devices.

Run out of battery? The EQ comes with pass through vaping, which means you can continue to use the device while you charge it.


This is a great device for people who want ease of use with good performance, and is ideal as a first device or as a back up device when you’re out and about.

The EQ provides a mouth to lung experience – that’s when vapour is held in the mouth before being inhaled – meaning it’s the right device for people who prefer a tighter, more restricted vape than that provided by high powered vape production. It provides decent vapour production but don’t expect huge clouds of vapour.

Available in Back, Silver, Red, Blue and Purple.